Freddye T. Davy Honors College : Benefits

In addition to participating in enriched courses with others of a similar scholastic attitude, the student may receive or take advantage of the following:

  • Special honors designation on transcript, commencement certificate, and commencement program that will attract special attention from graduate schools and employers.
  • Individualized assistance in preparing resumes and/or applications for fellowships and postgraduate study.
  • Priority in course selection at each semester's registration.
  • Individualized advising.
  • Eligibility for scholarships and internships.
  • Fee waiver for transcripts.
  • Some priority in housing selection.
  • Special honors cords and medallions to be worn with graduation regalia.
  • Subsidized honors program and honors conference expenses.
  • Increased limits in Harvey Library.
  • Participation in special events, field trips, and social activities.
  • Recognition during Honors Day Convocation.
  • Honors newsletter.
  • An Honors College lapel pin.