Freddye T. Davy Honors College : Applying

Admissions Requirements

Second semester freshmen, transfer students, and other interested students whose records indicate they possess the ability and motivation to profit from an honors experience are invited to participate in the Freddye T. Davy Honors College Program. These students must have completed a minimum of 12 credit hours and have a Hampton University GPA of 3.2 or higher to be eligible to apply.

To apply please click here Freddye T. Davy Application

Instructions to Applicants

  1. Please complete all fields in the application. Be sure to sign forms whenever asignature is required.
  2. Remember to provide all the required information before submitting your application.
  3. Ask two college instructors, school teacher, headmaster, counselor, minister, employer, supervisor, or club sponsor, etc.) to submit a letter of reference on the forms provided to the:
  4. Freddye T. Davy Honors College Selections Committee

    PO Box 6174

    Hampton University

    Hampton, Va. 23668

    Students who are interested in pursuing an honors experience should contact the Director of Freddye T. Davy Honors College or an academic advisor in the Freshman Studies Office for advisement.

    If you have questions or need for additional information, please contact, Director of the Freddye T. Davy Honors College.
    Phone (757) 727-5076
    Fax (757)728-6711

  5. The application is due by 5:00 p.m., January 19, 2018
Heather Scriven and Dominique Cross: 2014 NAAAHP Conference Tierre Hobson, Kiera Austin-Reffell and Justin Preddie: 2014 NAAAHP Conference

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