Freddye T. Davy Honors College

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The Honors College is a primary component of Hampton University's Honors Program.

The Honors College is uniquely designed for:

  • Students who received Academic Scholarships (Trustee, Presidential, Hampton, or Merit) as entering freshmen or transfer students.
  • Any student who is interested in pursuing the Honors Challenge:
    • Who possess a seriousness of academic purpose.
    • Who desires to be an active rather than passive learner.
    • Who possess an intellectual curiosity that supersedes an obsession with grades.
    • Who seeks success rather than avoid failure.
    • Who has the courage to demonstrate superior, ethical leadership in their chosen field.

The Honors College offers a curricula option that enhances the regular university experience through:

  • Developing of intellectual and ethical leadership skills.
  • Fostering an appetite for educational excellence.
  • Commitment to the learning process.
  • Experimentation.
  • Cultivating a learning community spirit.